Auction 2017A


February 1, 2017


Jim Gaul
[email protected]
1920 Fawn Lane
Hellertown, PA 18055-2117

Download lot listings for Auction 2017A and prices realized for Auction 2016D

Lot Scans

View Lot 1 – Scott No. 1189 MNH Imperf. S/S, cat.val. $60.00
View Lot 2 – Scott No. 1231 MNH Imperf. Stamp with label, cat. Val. $15.00
View Lot 3 – Scott No. 1259 MNH Imperf. Stamp with label, cat. Val. $15.00
View Lot 5 – Scott No. 1491 MNH Imperf. S/S, cat. Val. $80.00
View Lot 6 – Scott No. 1618 MNH Imperf. S/S, cat. Val. $32.50
View Lot 7 – Scott No. 2514 MNH Imperf. S/S, cat. Val. $125.00
View Lot 19 – Scott No. 3254 MNH Imperf. S/S, cat. Val. $30.00
View Lot 23 – Scott No. 9 used on piece, pair and single stamps with TISZA-ROFF town cancel and dated 12 9 72.
View Lot 24 – Scott No. 11 used, VF with four margins and face free cancel. NICE!
View Lot 25 – Scott No. 22ij used on piece. RARE perf. 11 ½ along with the numeral 1 printed separately! Also has a small village cancel of RABAHIDVEG, pop.1423. Scarce and Hard to Find stamp!
View Lot 26 – Scott No. 20d and 25 used on piece with town cancel MARGITFALU.
View Lot 27 – Scott No. 19h and 26 used on piece. BUDAPEST 98 Feb.27.
View Lot 32 – Scott No. 33 used on piece with oval M.K.Postahivatal Balassa-Gyaramat cancel
View Lot 33 – Scott No. 34 pair used with town cancel of SZENT LORINCZ.
View Lot 34 – Scott No. 43 pair used with town cancel of POZSONY, dated 900 Maj.3.
View Lot 35 – Scott No. 45 strip of six stamps used with “blue ink” box cancel.
View Lot 36 – Scott No. 35A,42 and 46 used on piece with town cancel FEHER-GYARMAT.
View Lot 39 – Scott No. C1 and C2 used on separate pieces. FAKE or REAL, you decide!
View Lot 40 – Scott No. PR1 used on piece with town cancel of DEVA, dated 88 Aug.24.
View Lot 41 – Scott No. P1 used. Off center with part of another stamp visible.
View Lot 42 – Scott No. PR2a used with town cancel of POSZONY, dated 11 1 76. Crease.
View Lot 43 – Scott No. 8 MLH, F-VF.
View Lot 44 – Scott No. 18h, 19h, and 20 MLH or MHR stamps, corner crease on 5kr..
View Lot 45 – Scott No. 22A, 23 and 25 MLH, F-VF.
View Lot 46 – Scott No. 26i MLH, F-VF.
View Lot 47 – Scott No. 40 MLH with vertical crease.
View Lot 48 – Scott No. 52, 52a, 55 and 58 MLH. Crease on 52a.
View Lot 49 – Scott No. 59 MLH, F-VF.
View Lot 50 – Scott No. 60 MLH, Fine with part of “star” in watermark.
View Lot 51 – Scott No. 77b MHR, F-VF.
View Lot 52 – Scott No. 78b MLH, thin spot.
View Lot 53 – Scott No. 84//101 MLH short set missing 20f, 25f, 30f, 2K, and 5K. F-VF.
View Lot 54 – Scott No. C1 and C2 MNH, VF. REAL or FAKE! You decide!
View Lot 60 – Stampless cover with a boxed PESTH cancel sent to DIOSZEGHEN???. Part receiver strike on back along with a red wax seal. Good cond.
View Lot 61 – Austria Scott No. 3 used on cover. Sent from MEDVISCH to FOGARAS. Receiving strikes and red wax seal on back. Good cond.
View Lot 62 – Austria Scott No. 27 used on printed matter (wine list). Sent from SOPRON/ OEDENBURG to GERA. Good cond.
View Lot 65 – Scott No. 889-890, C69 on FDC. Sent by registered mail. Unusual label on back of a stamp dealer!
View Lot 72 – Scott No. 1585 Imperf. Stamp on FDC. Cua, VF. Bowling issue.
View Lot 73 – Scott No. 1828-1834 Imperf. Stamps on two FDC’s postally sent to USA. Cat. Val. for the stamps alone is $250.00.
View Lot 74 – Scott No. 2724 imperf. Stamp on FDC postally sent to USA.
View Lot 78 – Scott No. 3195-3198 imperf. Stamps on four FDC’s postally sent to USA.
View Lot 80 – Stockbook of all used stamps from 1946 to 1964 year range with many complete sets, mostly CTO’s. Some better stamps noted, such as; 1953 costume set, 1953 airmail Soccer overprint stamp, bugs airmail set and others. Worth the low bid start!